Formula 1 Lotto System Truth or Hype?

Here is are review on the Formula 1 Lotto System which makes some bold lottery winning claims, but are they true? No the claims all seem to be fake or false. The Formula 1 Lotto System sales page says the system created by a 67 year old MIT Professor that took 27 years to perfect YA RIGHT! If this were actually true, It would be all over the lottery review sites etc. This is just a fake silly scenario used to sell what we find as a very useless system. We cannot find anything true about this lottery software system, no winners at all! All reviews are very bad.

System Created By Fake Professor

We did some very in-depth investigation to see who really owns this Formula 1 Lotto System. The sales page says it was developed by Professor Glen Hooke. But the system when checked out, has been found to be owned by a common marketer. Who is selling other useless products through click-bank. Caught red handed in yet another lie! There is NO Professor Glen Hooke!

The system already has a very bad reputation. As people, or users of the system report that it is basically a copycat lotto software system. A system which has been proven a very poor winning lottery system. All general material which is useless and all free online. Not only that but the many testimonials on the sales page are Totally Fake! All lottery system review sites report the Formula 1 Lotto System as a scam! You will not win any lottery game with this system. You will not get a guaranteed full refund. As was reported by the many people who were sucked in by this shady system.

Marketers are getting very sneaky, trying to sell more and more of these kinds of phony lottery systems to make some fast cash. These types of lottery system do NOT win lotteries!

Looking for a reputable winning lottery system? You should be using either the Lotto Guy Lottery System or Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both of these real winning lottery systems are reported as best winning lotto systems in the world. Glen Hooke better take his Formula 1 Lotto System off the market before the FTC shuts him down like a few other well known shady systems.

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