Lottery Circle Software System A Waste Of Money

It’s now time to put an end to the B.S. about the Lottery Circle Software System as way to many people are falling for this misleading false system. The Lottery Circle System is developed and sold by Ace Lee, who also sells many other lottery systems he owns and as an affiliate seller. I want to point out that all of these systems Ace Lee sells including his own systems are really nothing special and most have been reported by many as false or fake systems that win nothing.

The Lottery Circle System is a lottery software system very similar to all other lottery systems being sold, just the name is different and the selling advertisements is different. This system Ace Lee claims will give you a 96% win rate WTF! Do you seriously believe this kind of nonsense this seller is claiming. That would mean basically you really cannot lose using the system, but what, what about all the people who have tested this Lottery Circle System and failed to win anything? Do we believe the people who reported the system as junk or do we believe Ace Lee? Ace Lee is a known shady Marketer who sells as an affiliate even the gambling and lottery systems reported as Fake Systems! You would have to be a fool to trust this seller.

Do you think Ace Lee is a trusted seller? Do you still think the Lottery Circle system will help you win the lottery? Here is something for thought. If Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle System works soooooo great, where is all his big winning tickets? Or for that matter any other persons winning  proof. Bottom line is the Lottery Circle System is just a very common type lottery software system that gives you past drawn lotto numbers for your particular lotto game, same numbers all available free on whichever lottery game website. This information is actually free for all at lottery statistic websites, same place Ace Lee and other lottery software sellers get their material from. Even though this past drawn number frequency info is free, it still will not give you a 96% win rate, try at best about 2% or maybe as high as 3% win rate, but that it! Lottery software systems such as Lottery Circle are really not lottery systems, they are just information to be used with real lottery systems, so do not be fooled!

Let’s take a look back at the 2013 best winning lottery system poll results, to see where the Lottery Circle System placed in the poll vote. As you can see below the winning system users voted as the best winning system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. The Lottery Circle Software Prediction system placed second and the Lottery Audit System placed third. The winner Lotto Guy System received 83% of the winning votes, the Lottery Circle System received 7% of the winning votes, so if Ace Lee’s claims of a win rate of 96% were actually the truth, I think the Lottery Circle System would have placed much higher, but it did NOT! This is solid Proof! The Lottery Circle System is very misleading and that is called false advertising. Update: A short time later Ace Lee removed his bogus win rate of 96% and now states no win rate, says system is for entertainment purposes…..well now that just verifies all this review has stated about this shady marketer.

The Lottery Circle System was developed by Ace Lee, who says he came up with the system idea as he worked as a Store Clerk selling lottery tickets and talked to a few winners. So if all the other lottery software systems are basically the same, they all must have also worked as Store Clerks and came up with the exact same type system, what are the odds on that! All just pure nonsense! Also you must be aware that these systems such as Lottery Circle System state a guaranteed refunds, do not fall for this, as it is rarely honored as reported by many who have purchased the system. We find almost all lottery systems that are sold through market places such as Click Bank etc are just false systems, just money making gimmicks hyped-up and sold by misleading Marketers looking to get rich off of you!

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  1. Lionel39 says:

    I do agree with what you said here about the lottery circle system being a waste of money. If you already have the system though and cannot get a refund, it can be used for systems as you suggest, the lotto guy system and good wheeling systems as smart play lotto wheels, so not totally a loss.

  2. Deserire says:

    Very usefull!great post! thanks for sharing your view on the lotery circle system!

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