Lotto 649 Winning Strategy – Lotto 649 Results

How to win the Lotto 649 jackpot is not impossible if you play the way real lottery winners recommend. Most Canadians usually play Lotto 649 by simply getting a few quick pick lotto tickets, which seriously is a very hard way to win. Also playing just random lottery numbers will not improve your odds to win the lotto 649. We know Many people like to pick their lottery numbers using common arithmetical sequences, or sometimes arranging numbers in vertical lines, or diagonal lines, or even clusters. Again, these types of tried and tested strategies will not work very well to win 649 lottery. The truth is professional lottery winners use lottery systems to dramatically increase their odds to win. Will they hit the big 649 jackpot? Many have, most will come close many times over, but no jackpot win.
A good rule to follow, is never just focus on winning the 649 jackpot, as there is lots of money to be made by just hitting the smaller to medium cash prizes more consistently. This is the smart way to play and top lottery experts have been revealing this information for the first time. How do you explain lottery winners hitting a lotto 649 jackpot or any lottery game jackpot more than once, by just pure luck? No, they use strategy, just like professional gamblers do at the casinos. There is of course no magic system, just good systems and bad systems. You of course want to use a good proven winning lottery system. This is where we can show you which systems are actually winning the Lotto 649, even systems that do very good at winning Lotto Max.
There are only two lottery systems that are very highly recommended for Lotto 649. The first system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System which also works great for Western Lotto 649, Lotto Max, BC Lotto 649, Loto Quebec 49, Lotto 649 Ontario, Atlantic Lotto 649 and is gaining more and more respect for winning these lottery games. We have seen many winning lottery tickets won by using this excellent lottery system and we do recommend it. The next highly reported winning system for Lotto 649 is Smart Play Lotto Wheels, a top lottery wheeling system that boosts your odds to win very well. Hitting 3 and 4 lottery winning numbers is not hard to do with this system. They even give you categories of wheels to use for your lottery playing budget. If you are a beginner to playing the Lotto 649, this system winning very easy to use wheeling system is especially recommended for you.
 You MUST use a real Tested and Proven effective lottery system if you are wanting to save yourself Years of Frustration and Failure playing Lotto 649, it is the smart way to play! I could give you a crap load of lottery tips that would help increase your chances to win a little more, but these lotto tips added up together, will still not give you better winning lotto 649 results than a proven effective lottery system and that’s a solid fact!
Bottom line is, do not waste your money and time playing with senseless strategies or silly systems, that sound to good to be true, but never win you a dime. To kick up your winning lotto odds to hit more winning lottery numbers playing Lotto 649, upgrade to a good strategy and stick with it, you will be amazed at the success you will receive, but of course this is up to you to decide, my job is only to inform you, class dismissed!
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4 Responses to Lotto 649 Winning Strategy – Lotto 649 Results

  1. Corry says:

    Your Lotto 649 Winning Strategy – Lotto 649 Results post is really insightful and is helping me to hit more Lotto 6/49 winning numbers. If you have any other good Lotto 6/49 tips to win, please post them.
    warm regards from Corry!

  2. Karen says:

    I have apllied the systems you recommend for playing Lotto 6/49. You are correct my winning avarage has gone up, I find both systems work great, but I like the Smart Play a little better as is so easy to use.

    I will be trying the Lotto Guy System for Lotto Max to see what I can win as they do have a special system just for the Lotto Max. All in all, these are the best systems I have ever used.

    Thanks For Sharing

  3. Terry born says:

    Your strategy for helping odds to win lotto 6/49 are very good. I’m using the Lotto Guy System and winning 3 out of every 5 draws I play, much, much better than playing quick picks. Found out I must play consistantly using the system and my odds just keep increasing to hit winners.

  4. Francis F says:

    Great lotto 6/49 information, i’m going to recommend it to all my friends.

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