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The lottery systems Silver Lotto and Silver Lotto Pro are developed and sold by Ken Silver who calls himself the million dollar lotto guy, do they work? Ken Silver is really just a publisher and marketer not a lottery expert as he claims to be. To bring you up to date the Silver Lotto system used to be called the honest lotto system , but Ken Silver changed the name I wonder why? Could it be all the bad complaints or the fact the system never won any lotteries? According to Ken Silver his Silver Lotto system will give all lottery player that use it a very unbelievable 98% win rate. I did a in-depth search for lottery winners using this Silver Lotto system and all I find are affiliates selling the system stating it works, even though they do not use it, so all fake reviews. You cannot look at affiliates reviews as they are tying to get sales and will lie to do it. I did however find many complaints about Ken Silvers lottery systems and a few tests that were done on this system.

Here is a copy of one of those tests I found by a user of the Silver Lotto system:

I bought the silver lotto system a little while back for $39.95 .It arrived as an E-Book pdf file. I read the book and his silver lotto system was just a very common type of lottery system, nothing special. I played 10 lines of numbers, which I got from the system. I played the lottery two times per week, for a total of eight times for the whole month. According to his lottery system I will win about 98% of the time  from the numbers I use. This cost me in total a $160 to play the lines eight times for the whole month I tested it.  On the first week I played the ten lines of numbers two times, and I received no winning lottery tickets at all. On the second week I played the ten lines of numbers two times, I again received no winners. On the third week I played the ten lines of lottery numbers two times, I again received no winner. On the fourth week I played the ten lines of lottery numbers two times, again I received no winning lottery tickets. Where is the 98% win rate Ken Silver? What a joke this system is and I was denied a guaranteed full refund, thanx again Ken Silver for taking my money and giving me a useless system.

There are a few other tests I found, all stated the silver lotto system failed to win them any cash prizes, but I believe one is enough to show proof that the system failed to give the claimed 98% win rates, which sounds way to high to be believable anyways, and it is.

I also found tests done for a few other lottery systems that are supposed to give excellent results for all pick 5 and pick 6 lotto games as National Lottery, Florida Lotto, New York Lotto, Lotto 649, Monday Lotto, California Lottery, Texas Lotto, Australian Lotteries and so on. Some systems did ok on these tests but not nearly as good as they advertised. The one lottery system that really did very good was the Lotto Guy Lottery System which is very reputable, as this Lotto Guy system won first place during a survey/poll in which lottery players voted on the system that worked best for them. This poll was out of 15 top lottery systems and that my friends is solid proof of a good winning system. This is how you really win the lottery.

To increase your odds to win lotteries a proven strategy or lottery system is a must have. Most lottery systems I see being sold are not very believable, they sound phony and are just made up by shady marketers, which makes it extremely hard to weed out the bad systems as the Silver Lotto System, to get a good legit lottery system.

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