Win The Lottery What Works What Does Not

Did you know one out of three people are trying to win the lottery, but the sad fact is, they have no clue how to improve their chances. Playing the lottery to win is just like anything else you want to succeed in doing, you must first learn about what you are doing, how to improve what you are trying to do, then be patient and stay with it. This perfectly applies to playing the lottery and learning how to win the lottery. Most people will not adhere to this strategy as they simply are too impatient and cannot stay focused.

We all have it in us to stay focused on something we want bad enough, we just need a little push and some real guidance to get started, that is what this article is intended to do for you! Simply getting a few lottery quick pick tickets for each lotto draw is not going to improve your chances to win the lottery, it really is just a waste of time. You need to use much more than just a few lottery quick picks, or some lucky horoscope lottery numbers to really succeed. You need to use real proven lottery winning strategy, or what is also called a lottery system and some serious lottery winning tips to make it all come together.

First off, here is list of some items that will not help you much in the way of improving your winning success.

  • Playing lottery quick picks: Really this is a very poor way to play the lottery, will not give you good winning results.
  • Picking random lottery numbers out of thin air: This is what most lottery players assume is a good enough strategy, sorry this is not a strategy at all! This method again works about as well as using lottery quick picks.
  • Using lucky numbers, horoscope numbers, birth-dates, home addresses and so on are all very commonly used methods to pick lottery numbers. Again these methods are in no way a strategy, they are no better than lottery quick picks or plain old random lottery numbers.

If you are a person who is serious about improving their odds to win at playing the lottery, then stop using silly tactics that have been around for ages and have been proven to be of little value, when it comes to winning the lottery. Time to learn better more advanced ways to play the lottery, the same ways real lottery experts play and do win much more frequently. Experts at anything do much better than none experts, that is why you must follow as they do, it just makes sense and possible big dollars as in big lottery winnings!

What you need to boost your winning potential playing the lottery is as follows:

  1. You must start playing more lines of numbers. More lines of numbers increases your odds to win, this is just common sense. Anyone who thinks just playing one or two lines/lottery tickets per draw is going to win big is just dreaming. More tickets is a must do. I would say at least eight to twelve tickets/lines per draw is a minimum to shoot for, more is even better. You play what you can afford to stick with draw after draw.
  2. Now to put those minimum eight to twelve lines of lottery numbers together you need to use a winning strategy/lottery system, this is another must do and is the real key to winning lottery games. The hard part here is actually knowing which strategy or system to use. I will show a recent poll showing which lottery systems real lottery winners voted as best systems to use, you then just pick a system and stick with it, do not jump from system to system, a big mistake made again by very impatient lottery players.

As you can plainly see for yourself in the above poll, the top voted on winning lottery system was the Lotto Guy System which is a pattern analysis system, not a past drawn numbers type system. Then we have a top winning lottery wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which is totally different than a pattern analysis type system, then the third best and so on. We recommend using one of the top two winning systems, pushing towards the Smart Play System if you are a beginner to playing the lottery using a system, as it is very easy to use, yet very effective, but again the decision is up to you.

The main thing when using any system is to stick with it and remember just because it is a system that does not mean you will win guaranteed. Lottery systems are only special tools designed for trying to increase your chances to win. If you use the right tool for the job, the out come is usually much better correct? Play smart when trying to win the lottery follow what works, avoid what does not work, more winning success will be yours!


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