Smart Play Lotto Wheels Real Winning System

Smart Play Lotto Wheels is truly a well proven winning lottery wheeling system designed to be easy use and very effective. We love to get the opportunity to ‘make or break’ a lottery gambling product with a good review. We know how effective this lotto wheeling system is. It really stands out as it is not a lotto software system. It’s a regular format system with special strategies you can also apply, which is a good thing. Trusting a software system that just gives you numbers is not a smart choice. Do you know where those numbers come from? We do and it is no better than using random numbers so why bother.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels are ‘Smartly’ broken up into 3 wheeling categories. Budget Wheels, Conservative Wheels and Max Play Wheel options. Each of these adheres to a certain playing style. You decide which to use according to your own budget (lines of numbers you wish to play). Whether you wish to play lots of lines or just a few lines. It is all up to you to decide. We tested these wheels, we chose to test and try a 6 number Conservative wheel. This is the middle ground wheel that is both effective and very efficient. In a cost perspective vs a playing perspective to try and hit a few winning numbers. We decided to play our usual pick 6 lottery game.

Other lotteries may vary but as long as it is a Pick 5 (not a small pick 5 game only large main pick 5 lotto games). Or a Pick 6 number lottery game, this lottery system can work great for you. Popular lottery game choices do include. Powerball Lottery, Mega Millions, Texas Lotto, Georgia Lottery, Oklahoma Lottery, New York Lotto, Ohio Lottery, California Lottery etc.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Works

So one of Smart Play’s Conservative pick 6 wheels tells us to choose 15 numbers. Then it shows how to arrange them in 15 different ways to most effectively cover the numbers chosen to play for that lottery draw. Luckily the math is already done for you. We just have to follow a numbered rubric which is very fast and extremely easy to do (pen and paper).

So 15 combinations/tickets at one dollar per ticket cost us $15 for our very first draw. Two weeks later, we won a 4 out of 6 prize for $87 and two additional 3 out of 6 prizes for $20. Our winnings total was $107 with a net profit of $92. We had won multiple times because the wheels arrange our chosen numbers so that if hit, the chances are great that another combination will hit as well. We were happy, but we wasn’t going to let one draw be a measuring stick for this lottery system.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Increased Our Odds To Win

We repeated using the same wheel, with slightly different numbers again costing us $15. The following draw we hit another three 3 out of 6 number prizes totaling $30. We doubled our money so not bad at all. Draw 3 the following week turned up completely empty for us. Almost every line hit 1 or 2 winning lottery numbers but it wasn’t enough to win us any money. Oh well, you can’t expect to win every time as no lottery system can do that. They are just tools you use to increase your odds to win the lottery. The hard part is to find a good system to use and stay with. We feel Smart Play Lotto Wheels is one of those systems to stay with using.

This was just fast test and the wheels seemed to work good. I would also like to point out we did apply their recommended special strategies when using the wheels, we feel this had a lot to do with giving use better results. Some lottery players are only focused on the jackpot, but small, consistent wins are great and very hard to come by for the average lottery player. Thinking back to how many times we have lost at the casino, or how many quick pick lottery tickets have come up empty time after time, if would have been playing smarter, with a properly working lottery system, we might be well ahead of the game.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Give Good Results

Aiming high is never a bad thing, just as long as you have the proper gun and proper scope. This metaphor is what the MAX play wheels are all about. Lots of combinations and lots of numbers arranged perfectly to help you possibly get that giant winning check. BUDGET wheels cost you next to nothing to use and have a significantly return rate. CONSERVATIVE wheels (our favorites) blend both play styles and budgets to make one effective and cost effective way to play the lottery.

To conclude our Smart Play Lottery Wheels Review, the system really impressed us in many ways. We love having the ability to choose how much money we want to spend and not being locked into a big commitment long-term. We love how easy and simple it is to follow and most of all, we love thrill of at least winning more often than before.

I give this system 5 star rating for price and functionality. Now if we were reviewing the Honda Accord or Iphone 4s, our word would not count for much because (A) There are millions of reviews and (B) Other people are a lot more qualified than us to review them. But in this case, Smart Play Lotto Wheels are easy to use and seem to be effective enough. Remember this! There is no guarantee any system will give you wins. All they can do is improve your chances. If you think you might want to use this kind of system, check out Smart Play Lotto Wheels system, it really works great if used properly!

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How To Get Lottery Winning Success

How to get lottery winning success, is as easy as using a real winning lottery system. Just note that most lottery strategies do not work. You don’t need to make the same costly mistakes many have made over and over. They play the lottery weekly for years without any lottery winning results. You can start winning the lottery easier next lotto draw. Only if you know the truth behind lottery winning systems that actually work. You must pass on the silly lottery systems that are just for entertainment purposes.

There are literally tons off lottery systems you can choose from on the Internet. Some of these are free, most you have to pay to get. So far in all research, the only legit proven lottery system that has any real verified lottery winners. Is the system named Lotto Guy Lottery System. This system has changed the way people play the lottery. How? by helping them to easier win over and over again playing the lotto. If you look into most every lottery system, you will find it is sold by a Marketer. Or a publisher and both are not qualified to develop a real winning system.

They sell many hyped up systems that are full of nonsense. Stating to people about how good they are, when they are not. Many have fallen fell for this type of ploy in hopes to win the lottery. They still could not win the lotto games as systems are fake. It is because these silly systems are basically useless. They do not give you lottery winning success, they are simply money making gimmicks.

Lotto Software Systems Should Be Avoided

You most likely have tried some of these silly lotto systems. They would the ones that are in a software format and state they will give you winning lottery numbers. These types of systems are what you need to avoid. They simply either give you random lottery numbers or hot and cold numbers. They do this by capturing the free data off of main lottery game sites. Which are free for anyone to do so as well. You see they simply fill the sellers pockets with money from suckers.

Now the legit real winning systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System is much different than any silly software system. It was developed by real lottery experts, which have access to real equipment, software, etc for real number pattern data analysis. Then it’s put into a 3 step tested and proven formula system and believe us,  it really works well! It even won best lottery system by poll votes over many so called top winning systems.

Using a real verified system is your big key how to get lottery winning success! If you do not use a system, you will not be able to increase you lotto odds to hit more winning lottery numbers easier, it’s that simple. This is why most people never even hit a 3 lotto numbers winner in months of playing their lotto game.

Using A Logical Strategy Is The Secret To Winning The Lottery

There is no secrets to winning the lottery, the secret is to use a proven logical lotto strategy and that’s a solid fact! I do not care if you play the Powerball Lottery, Mega Millions, Texas Lotto, New York Lotto and so on. You need to use a smarter system designed to hit winning lottery numbers more frequently. Why? to become a real lottery winner that’s the only logical way.

There are a few other strategies to help win the lottery, but the best bang for your buck, is a top rated system as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, that has a real winning track record. We have told you the truth how to get lottery winning success for real, the next move is up to you, play as usual or play smarter to win easier!

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How To Win California Lottery Consistently

Very few California Lottery players are actually winning the California Lottery fairly consistently, as most do not know how to actually do it. I’ll bet the chances of you winning are not great, as lotto games are certainly not easy to win. There are however a few special strategies or lottery systems that actually do very well at helping you hit winning lottery numbers combinations for these California lotto games and that is your “big key” to getting much better win rates.

To begin you should play hot lottery games such as Mega Millions, Powerball, California Super Plus Lotto or California Lottery, and Fantasy 5, as they have big jackpots worth winning. You should also seriously consider using a well proven lottery system with a good winning track record, which is a smarter way to play, and the key to Win California Lottery Consistently. However, first thing you should do is always make sure you know how to play the California Lotto games correctly before getting a proven system to further assist you. If you are used to playing these lotto games using random lottery numbers hoping for great results, we certainly know first hand how disappointing the out come can be. This is why lottery experts do not use random lottery numbers.

We have verified many real lottery winners using proven lotto strategies to assist in hitting winning number combinations and take note, these lottery players do not use quick picks or random numbers, that is not how to win lotto games. To really win the Ca lottery you must use a real lottery system or proven strategy, or your name will never be on the California lottery winner cheque. Sorry but that’s the cold hard facts. As far great systems to use, The Lotto Guy Lottery System is a well respected system to use and works in a very unique manner as the system guides you as to which lottery numbers are ok to use, are not ok to use, it’s quit different from any other system in the world and it was developed tested and proven for real lottery winning results.

The facts do not lie, people who play the Ca lottery games in a much smarter way by using a top rated system as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, will always have a much higher win rate than a non system user. If you are serious about winning the lotto, get a system that many highly recommend, then go to your local lottery retailers (or online) and get your California lottery tickets for the up coming draws and say please make me a millionaire! There simply is no other proven method that has won lotto games better and more consistently, get a real system and see real results, it’s really a no brainer!

If you are a complete newbie to playing the California Lotto games, you might want to use a lottery wheeling system instead as it is a little easier to use, but still very effective and can give you serious winning results. The best proven lotto wheeling system for the California Lotto, Powerball and so on is Smart Play Lotto Wheels, no other wheeling system can match the effectiveness of this system, and it’s easy enough to use. Really the choice is yours, play smarter to win easier, or just get used to never winning.

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How To Win Big In The Lotto

I am going to tell you how to win big in the lotto, so you do not have to waste your time and money, trying to find a good winning lotto system. Finding a good system to win the lottery in an ocean full of fake or useless systems, especially lotto software systems, is really like trying to find a needle in a hay-stake, it’s dam hard! I have been there and done that, falling for silly lottery systems that make big promises but deliver squat! I’m pretty sure most people fall for these nonsense full of B.S systems like, Silver Lotto System, Lottery Circle Software, Lottery Crusher Software, Win Lotto Systems, Beat The Lotto, Formula 1 Lotto System, Win Lotto Systems and so forth, as they really grab you with false advertising, fake testimonials etc. Now you will get directed to real winning lottery systems, that real lottery winners use and recommend.

Just to set you on track, here is an example of wanting to win something and following through, as in you winning the lottery. Did you know that USA President Barack Obama spent 21 months and raised over $600 million to invest in a proven and tested political campaign strategy for his successful race to the White House? How badly do you think he wanted to win? Just think – if he lost, that enormous lump of money would be gone forever. But no-one in his team would cry over it. Because, like playing the lottery, it is an ENTRY cost that is need to be done. Without it, maybe Barack Obama would have lost forever the chance to become the most powerful leader on earth. The lesson is…if you want to Win, you got to Play…But the BIGGER LESSON is, to play SMART…don’t play just any random lottery numbers, this is the old way to play and of course fail. Instead, play the SMART way by using a proven lottery system like the best winning lottery system in the world! See the official winning system below:

Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy System!

You can see that real lottery winners voted mostly for the Lotto Guy Lottery System as it actually wins lottery games. There simply is no other system in the whole world that can match the winning potential of his great system. Testimonials, false reviews, fake photos, can all fool you into thinking a lottery system works to win lotto when it does not, poll on the other hand are solid proof, they tell you the real truth!

So if you want to win big in the lottery, you simply have to play. But always remember the lesson.  Play smart gambling is hard. Make sure to use a real system that has been proven to work….And this best lottery winning Lotto Guy System is definitely the king and has helped many people win and best of all, this winning system works WORLDWIDE for all pick 5, 6, 7 lottery games. It has helped many average Joe’s and Jane’s like yourself win big in the lotto and should be your next smart way to play!

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Easy Lottery Winning Strategies Revealed

I personally know plenty of lottery players who spend a fortune on their lottery games every year and never seem to win much at all, time to play smarter. Just a couple of months back I talked about some lotto players who spend up to an incredible $1,000 per lottery draw and never even seem to win their money back or break even. These lotto players did not use any type of proven system, just quick picks and random lottery numbers, which is the Wrong Way To Play The Lottery!

The good news is that you can play the lottery much better with a proven lottery system and get real lottery winning profits much easier. Purchasing a lottery system is a little like buying a camera. Many years ago I was part time photographer so I know a lot about film. Buying a camera is a low price investment compared to the actual cost of film you need for it. The better film shots you get… the less wastage from blurry photos, cut-off heads, red-eye, missing body parts etc. You actually save by using less film. This is the same with using a good lottery system. The better the lottery system works, the less you pay for your lottery tickets as you will usually win more with it. Makes perfect sense correct?

Now for the bad news on lottery systems. Most lottery systems being sold are just gimmicks to earn the seller money, they do not win lottery games and always seem to be in software format to sound good and for entertainment value, but not much else. Now for some good news. There are a couple and I do mean only a couple of legit reputable tested and proven lottery systems that really work to win lotto games. The best winning real lottery system in the world for most all Pick 5 and Pick 6 lotto games is the Lotto Guy Lottery System it’s a proven winning system verified by many users and actual poll results. Don’t believe me? Look at the results from a recent lottery system poll out of many top lottery systems. The system most people voted for as it won them money (improved their odds to win) was the Lotto Guy Lottery System taking most of the votes, hows that for solid proof of a true winning system, polls do not lie.

The Lotto Guy Lottery System is very good at producing winning lottery numbers and most users of the this formula type system generally get good results, just remember no lottery system can guarantee winning results. Lottery systems are just tools that help better your odds to win easier. A proven strategy that does work and you get real support if needed. This formula type system is dirt cheap at under $20, but as more and more lottery winners claim their good lottery results do to this awesome system, the cost may likely go up at some point, use it, it is the real deal! This is how you really win the lottery easier, by using a strategy that puts your numbers into much better winning groups.


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Win Georgia Lottery Games The Easy Way

Win Georgia Lottery the easy way, use a verified winning lottery system proven to win these lotto games. GA lottery offers players seven lotto games  as Georgia FIVE, Midday Georgia FIVE, Fantasy 5, Win For Life, Decades Of Dollars however, Georgia’s biggest lottery games are Georgia Mega Millions and Georgia Powerball. These two huge lottery games regularly have jackpots in the very high millions of dollars and are a favorite lottery games to play by many.

The best way to play and actually win the Georgia lottery games, is to pick a game to play and stick with only that particular GA lotto game. A recommendation on how to pick which game to play is, pick the game that has the best odds already to win. Then you will have to change your playing strategy, to a much more effective lotto winning strategy used for the the Georgia Lottery games. There are ONLY a few lottery systems in the world, that are well proven to increase your chances to win these GA lotto games. We are going to highly recommend one of these main winning systems, based on a few items as ease of use and over-all effectiveness! If you already like to use lottery wheeling systems, you are going to love using Smart Play Lotto Wheels.

Unlike most lottery wheeling systems, Smart Play Lotto Wheels were designed by true professionals and all the wheels had to go through real life testing before they made the Smart Play cut. Each wheel has won a major lottery game more than once and many report great winning results, using these very effective, very easy to use wheels for all Pick 5 and Pick 6 Georgia Lottery games. Lottery wheels are found online everywhere for free, but the free wheels are just useless non proven wheels, they do not win lottery games, that’s why they are free! Good winning lottery wheels are extremely hard to find, as 95% of the lotto wheels out there are just made up very quickly by hand, or by random generating software systems, which shady marketers or lottery system sellers sell for a fast buck. ONLY use the verified winning lottery wheeling systems like Smart Play, then you know you have the good stuff!

Smart Play Lotto Wheels are the highest recommended lottery wheels for playing and winning the Georgia Lottery games. Trying to win a lottery game as Georgia FIVE using standard issue strategies like, random lottery numbers, Birth-Dates, Lucky numbers and so on, will seriously get you no where winning the lottery. It would be like trying to dig for gold without a shovel, as compared to digging for gold using a shovel, you see what I mean? Use the best recommend systems, get the best winning results, it’s really that easy!

Smart Play Proven Winning Lotto Wheels

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Easy Winning System

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How To Pick Lottery Numbers New Strategy

Most so called winning lotto strategies depend on one of four methods for increasing the odds of winning the lottery. One is lottery wheels. This method is usually very expensive depending on the type of lotto wheel even though it can be used successfully. Another method is lottery number filtering, while this method can be fun to use, it really is not very successful when used alone, should be used with a lottery system. A third method that can be used is statistics. The mixture of past drawn numbers looks promising but it produces very inconsistent results and again best used with a real lottery system. The forth lottery method is lottery predictions. Most systems we have found that use lottery predictions are really just scams. These systems will promise to send you the “ lottery winning numbers”. However, they never tell you how they came up with these numbers. You need to stay away from these systems at all costs they do nothing.

The newest method that seems to give you the best chances of winning the lotto, are the combining of two types of systems that have proven to give great results even on their own. One system is a category type system that tells you if you can play that lotto number/lines of numbers and has proven it’s self over and over as most likely the best system in the world, you may have heard of it, it is the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This system was developed by real University techs which have access to wonderful software and very expensive equipment to obtain real data/analysis no made up junk here.

The other system that is being used in combination with the Lotto Guy Lottery System is a top rated wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. These non software lottery wheels are the best you can use Period! They have the best winning track record of any wheeling system known and are suited to all playing budgets as well. Are you starting to see the whole picture here? You just pick you lottery numbers with the Lotto Guy System, play them and you will also wheel those numbers with which ever Smart Play wheel you choose to use. If your section of numbers hits you win big! Winning multiple times. Many users are reporting hitting 4 number winners very easy, some hitting 5 lottery numbers frequently playing lotto games as Florida Lotto, Texas Lotto, California Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Va Lottery, Pa Lottery, Lotto 649, Powerball, Mega Millions etc Even if you never hit the lotto jackpots, you are still winning good cash prizes, can you do that now?

To re-cap, get the newest lottery strategy that is now being recommended as the best, get your lottery tickets, and play the lotto consistently for 3 months and see what happens!

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Gambling Is It A Problem or Is It Just Fun?

For some people gambling can lead to big problems, learn how to avoid problems. It’s a fact, most people do participate in some form of gambling to try and win and have fun. I would say the most common forms of gambling are Bingo, Lottery, Slots, Casinos, Scratch Lottery Tickets plus a few more, but these are the most common ones. Yes, gambling can be an outlet as it is fun to play games of chance, but for some people it can turn into a nightmare.

If you gamble you must have some control and of course use common sense. You and only you know how much money can be put towards gambling, for each individual this will vary. The rule of thumb here is to never gamble beyond your means. You have a certain budget set aside for gambling and you never go beyond that limit, this will make sure you do not run into big debt. Many families have been destroyed by gambling, which can be avoided if you gamble sensibly and never go beyond your means.

We all get that feeling when we gamble, you know the feeling where just one more time and I could win. This is the pull to get rich, but if you gamble and play foolishly, you will never get rich and will most likely go into debt. This is why we recommend certain types of gambling over others. Going to the casino is one of the worst as you can lose your money in just moments, where as playing the lottery for instance, you will not lose immediately and you always have a chance to win a large jackpot. Playing the lottery is by far the best choice when it comes to gambling, this is solid fact!

So to avoid falling into a gambling problem switch over to just playing the lottery, it’s fun, it’s not expensive, you will not lose all your money in a short time and it could be life changing as well. Now to make the most from playing the lottery definitely use a lottery system, it’s the only tool that boosts your odds to win, so it’s really a no brainer. Playing the lottery is your safest form of gambling, but playing in a lazy fashion will get you no where, you must use a lottery system to improve your chances to win easier, then you will see the difference. When you win the lottery, being it a small win or a large win, it feels good and is fun.

You know you have a gambling problem if your playing many forms of gambling, losing and going into debt, so stop now and only play the lottery as it is the safest form of gambling. We will assist in showing you which lottery systems are best to use, pick a good recommended lottery system to use and then just have fun with it and yes of course win big!!!

If You Play The Lottery You Need To Check Out These Lottery Sites To Help You Win!!

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Lottery Is It Really Worth Playing?

The hard facts are in and it does seem that people want to play the lottery more than ever before. This rise in lottery players is no doubt due to the poor economy these days and this can be verified by the increase in lottery jackpot worldwide. When the economy is poor, playing games of chance such as the lottery always increase. For many people playing the lottery is their only real hope at getting a large amount of money to retire. So the big question is, is the lottery really worth playing?

For most people playing the lottery is fairly easy and cheap and does put you into a position that could possibly change your whole life if you hit the lotto jackpot. The sad thing is, most people who play the lottery really do not understand how to play to increase their chances to win, they are just relying on sheer luck, sorry that method is super poor at winning any lottery game. You must realize playing the lottery is gambling and experts know to win better at any form of gambling, you need to find a strategy to increase your chances at winning, this is the same for the lottery. The strategy or tool that lottery experts tell you to use is a system or lottery system designed to improve your chances to win easier.

There is nothing secret to improving your odds to win the lottery, it all depends on your strategy applied. No strategy will equal no winnings and this is how the majority of people play the lottery. We advise you to use a good strategy (Lottery System) if you are really wanting to succeed, if do not care then just continue playing as you do now.

If you have now decided to change the way you play the lottery, then you have taken the first step. Now the second step is to find yourself a good real tested and proven winning lottery system. The best way we can show you what lottery systems are working well, or not working well to win lottery games is to view the latest best lottery system poll, then choose a good system that received high votes and just stick with that system.

Are top choice is the same as the poll results show, Lotto Guy Lottery System is head and shoulder ahead of all other systems when it comes to improved winning success. This is due to the system being a real lottery system designed to hit small to med prizes easier, while still increasing your odds to win the lottery jackpot. Poll votes tell you the truth and the truth is most lottery systems are not as good as they claim to be, usually just money making gimmicks, so always go with what real users vote as best system that worked for them, you then simply cannot go wrong.

The whole point is, if you really want to win the lottery easier, you must play smarter and make the switch over to a better playing strategy there simply is no other way! The lottery is really worth playing only if you play smarter!


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Silver Lotto System Review

The lottery systems Silver Lotto and Silver Lotto Pro are developed and sold by Ken Silver who calls himself the million dollar lotto guy, do they work? Ken Silver is really just a publisher and marketer not a lottery expert as he claims to be. To bring you up to date the Silver Lotto system used to be called the honest lotto system , but Ken Silver changed the name I wonder why? Could it be all the bad complaints or the fact the system never won any lotteries? According to Ken Silver his Silver Lotto system will give all lottery player that use it a very unbelievable 98% win rate. I did a in-depth search for lottery winners using this Silver Lotto system and all I find are affiliates selling the system stating it works, even though they do not use it, so all fake reviews. You cannot look at affiliates reviews as they are tying to get sales and will lie to do it. I did however find many complaints about Ken Silvers lottery systems and a few tests that were done on this system.

Here is a copy of one of those tests I found by a user of the Silver Lotto system:

I bought the silver lotto system a little while back for $39.95 .It arrived as an E-Book pdf file. I read the book and his silver lotto system was just a very common type of lottery system, nothing special. I played 10 lines of numbers, which I got from the system. I played the lottery two times per week, for a total of eight times for the whole month. According to his lottery system I will win about 98% of the time  from the numbers I use. This cost me in total a $160 to play the lines eight times for the whole month I tested it.  On the first week I played the ten lines of numbers two times, and I received no winning lottery tickets at all. On the second week I played the ten lines of numbers two times, I again received no winners. On the third week I played the ten lines of lottery numbers two times, I again received no winner. On the fourth week I played the ten lines of lottery numbers two times, again I received no winning lottery tickets. Where is the 98% win rate Ken Silver? What a joke this system is and I was denied a guaranteed full refund, thanx again Ken Silver for taking my money and giving me a useless system.

There are a few other tests I found, all stated the silver lotto system failed to win them any cash prizes, but I believe one is enough to show proof that the system failed to give the claimed 98% win rates, which sounds way to high to be believable anyways, and it is.

I also found tests done for a few other lottery systems that are supposed to give excellent results for all pick 5 and pick 6 lotto games as National Lottery, Florida Lotto, New York Lotto, Lotto 649, Monday Lotto, California Lottery, Texas Lotto, Australian Lotteries and so on. Some systems did ok on these tests but not nearly as good as they advertised. The one lottery system that really did very good was the Lotto Guy Lottery System which is very reputable, as this Lotto Guy system won first place during a survey/poll in which lottery players voted on the system that worked best for them. This poll was out of 15 top lottery systems and that my friends is solid proof of a good winning system. This is how you really win the lottery.

To increase your odds to win lotteries a proven strategy or lottery system is a must have. Most lottery systems I see being sold are not very believable, they sound phony and are just made up by shady marketers, which makes it extremely hard to weed out the bad systems as the Silver Lotto System, to get a good legit lottery system.

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Mega Million Winning Numbers Strategy To Win

If you are looking for a Mega Million winning numbers strategy that works like a charm, you my friend have just found it. Everyday people are trying to find new strategies that will help them win Mega Million. You really only need to hit 5 lottery numbers or mega lotto numbers to win a serious cash prize, which is very difficult using poor lottery strategies. What if I told you there is a new strategy that will almost guarantee you a 5 lottery number win playing Lotto Mega and it will hit within about 6 months of using.

This is no exaggeration, this is real and has been tested by more than a few, now real Mega Millons winners. Forget about any other ways you play the lottery the Smart way to play has arrived and it seriously kicks ass! All you have to do is follow the system, get your lottery tickets, check the Megamillions results every draw until you win big! Mega Millions winners  playing California Lottery, Florida Lottery, Texas Lottery, Ohio Lottery , Georgia Lottery etc have all seen what this strategy can really do.

There has been many reporting the system gives great results for Mega Million California Lottery by easily hitting 3 lotto numbers very easily, 4 lotto numbers easily, even hitting 5 lottery numbers which is a good lottery mega cash prize, of course it works the same for all Mega Million players no matter what state you live in.
The strategy is called Smart Play Lotto Wheels, the system where YOU can decide whether you want to take it to the Max and play all out with their big Max Play Lottery Wheels or just play a smaller amount of lines or lottery tickets with their Budget or Conservative wheels. You are in total control. Smart Play supplies the verified tested and proven wheels, that have all won very large lotto games worldwide, and works like magic to win mega Million lottery game. 
  • No complex hard to understand lottery system.
  • No confusing pens and paper calculations crap.
  • No high cost to low win ratio
  • Very easy system to use 

Here is how you use this new found Smart Play Lotto Wheels system..

When you get the the system you will want to use the Conservative wheels (Pick 5 wheels) and play a min of 10-15 lines of lottery number combinations. Pick your lotto numbers to wheel from Hot lotto numbers (numbers drawn frequently and Cold lotto numbers (numbers not drawn as frequently) You only need to go back about 8-10 draws to get these numbers. Then you play those numbers consistently every Mega Million draw and you will get winning results like you never had in your life. These wheels are designed with a superior mathematical formula that when used as I am telling to, will work wonders as many people have found out.

According to many Smart Play Lotto Wheels Reviews the strategy of hitting 3 lottery numbers is very easy, hitting 4 lottery numbers is very common, hitting 5 lottery numbers is harder but not impossible. These are excellent odds to win, you cannot get anything more powerful than this lottery wheeling system for playing Mega Millions.


Smart Play Lotto Wheels Real Winning System

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Easy Effective System

Lottery Systems Review Group

Lottery Tactics

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Win The Lottery What Works What Does Not

Did you know one out of three people are trying to win the lottery, but the sad fact is, they have no clue how to improve their chances. Playing the lottery to win is just like anything else you want to succeed in doing, you must first learn about what you are doing, how to improve what you are trying to do, then be patient and stay with it. This perfectly applies to playing the lottery and learning how to win the lottery. Most people will not adhere to this strategy as they simply are too impatient and cannot stay focused.

We all have it in us to stay focused on something we want bad enough, we just need a little push and some real guidance to get started, that is what this article is intended to do for you! Simply getting a few lottery quick pick tickets for each lotto draw is not going to improve your chances to win the lottery, it really is just a waste of time. You need to use much more than just a few lottery quick picks, or some lucky horoscope lottery numbers to really succeed. You need to use real proven lottery winning strategy, or what is also called a lottery system and some serious lottery winning tips to make it all come together.

First off, here is list of some items that will not help you much in the way of improving your winning success.

  • Playing lottery quick picks: Really this is a very poor way to play the lottery, will not give you good winning results.
  • Picking random lottery numbers out of thin air: This is what most lottery players assume is a good enough strategy, sorry this is not a strategy at all! This method again works about as well as using lottery quick picks.
  • Using lucky numbers, horoscope numbers, birth-dates, home addresses and so on are all very commonly used methods to pick lottery numbers. Again these methods are in no way a strategy, they are no better than lottery quick picks or plain old random lottery numbers.

If you are a person who is serious about improving their odds to win at playing the lottery, then stop using silly tactics that have been around for ages and have been proven to be of little value, when it comes to winning the lottery. Time to learn better more advanced ways to play the lottery, the same ways real lottery experts play and do win much more frequently. Experts at anything do much better than none experts, that is why you must follow as they do, it just makes sense and possible big dollars as in big lottery winnings!

What you need to boost your winning potential playing the lottery is as follows:

  1. You must start playing more lines of numbers. More lines of numbers increases your odds to win, this is just common sense. Anyone who thinks just playing one or two lines/lottery tickets per draw is going to win big is just dreaming. More tickets is a must do. I would say at least eight to twelve tickets/lines per draw is a minimum to shoot for, more is even better. You play what you can afford to stick with draw after draw.
  2. Now to put those minimum eight to twelve lines of lottery numbers together you need to use a winning strategy/lottery system, this is another must do and is the real key to winning lottery games. The hard part here is actually knowing which strategy or system to use. I will show a recent poll showing which lottery systems real lottery winners voted as best systems to use, you then just pick a system and stick with it, do not jump from system to system, a big mistake made again by very impatient lottery players.

As you can plainly see for yourself in the above poll, the top voted on winning lottery system was the Lotto Guy System which is a pattern analysis system, not a past drawn numbers type system. Then we have a top winning lottery wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which is totally different than a pattern analysis type system, then the third best and so on. We recommend using one of the top two winning systems, pushing towards the Smart Play System if you are a beginner to playing the lottery using a system, as it is very easy to use, yet very effective, but again the decision is up to you.

The main thing when using any system is to stick with it and remember just because it is a system that does not mean you will win guaranteed. Lottery systems are only special tools designed for trying to increase your chances to win. If you use the right tool for the job, the out come is usually much better correct? Play smart when trying to win the lottery follow what works, avoid what does not work, more winning success will be yours!


Some good reviews below on the top winning system that you may also be interested in reading:

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Lotto Guy Lottery System Is It A Good System

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Lottery Systems That Do Win The lottery

It’s a fact that most lottery winners use a lottery system to boost their chances of winning the lottery. Just think about the amount of times you won anything playing the lottery versus the amount you lost playing the lottery. We all have looked back and wondered how much money we have spent playing the lottery and thought about quitting, yet that desire to win the jackpot is very strong indeed, so we play on. So why do we just keep playing in the same old manner? If we were smart, we would play like lottery winners who know how to increase their odds to win right?

It is time to change the way you play the lottery and start using a strategy rather than quick picks or pulling lottery numbers out of the air blindly. You must use a system or what we call a lottery system to better your chances or simply keep losing big time. The more you increase your odds to win, you also increase your chances at hitting the lottery jackpot, which would change your whole life for the better.

Ok, you understand why you need to use a lottery system to win the lottery, but there is another problem, which system out of the many do you use? Many systems will swear up and down they are the best and you need to use that system. They will even show you testimonials that say the system won them big money, but the truth of the matter is, most all testimonials are found to be false, not real, just there to pull you into buying the system that wins nothing. What you need to see is real proof of which lottery systems work or do not work to win the lottery, this can only be revealed by user or real lottery winners voting on a lottery system or lottery systems by poll results.

Once you find a good legit real winning system, you stick with it, do not jump from system to system. This is the big key to really winning the lottery, so here is a top lottery system review site that will show you verified real proof of which systems are worth using or not worth using.

Lottery Systems Reviews

Now you should be well enough informed to keep playing your lottery games and have a much higher chance to win more frequently!

Below are a few reviews you may be interested in reading:

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works

Lotto Guy Lottery System Is It A Good System

Silver Lotto System Review Real Truth Exposed!


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Lottery Circle Software System A Waste Of Money

It’s now time to put an end to the B.S. about the Lottery Circle Software System as way to many people are falling for this misleading false system. The Lottery Circle System is developed and sold by Ace Lee, who also sells many other lottery systems he owns and as an affiliate seller. I want to point out that all of these systems Ace Lee sells including his own systems are really nothing special and most have been reported by many as false or fake systems that win nothing.

The Lottery Circle System is a lottery software system very similar to all other lottery systems being sold, just the name is different and the selling advertisements is different. This system Ace Lee claims will give you a 96% win rate WTF! Do you seriously believe this kind of nonsense this seller is claiming. That would mean basically you really cannot lose using the system, but what, what about all the people who have tested this Lottery Circle System and failed to win anything? Do we believe the people who reported the system as junk or do we believe Ace Lee? Ace Lee is a known shady Marketer who sells as an affiliate even the gambling and lottery systems reported as Fake Systems! You would have to be a fool to trust this seller.

Do you think Ace Lee is a trusted seller? Do you still think the Lottery Circle system will help you win the lottery? Here is something for thought. If Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle System works soooooo great, where is all his big winning tickets? Or for that matter any other persons winning  proof. Bottom line is the Lottery Circle System is just a very common type lottery software system that gives you past drawn lotto numbers for your particular lotto game, same numbers all available free on whichever lottery game website. This information is actually free for all at lottery statistic websites, same place Ace Lee and other lottery software sellers get their material from. Even though this past drawn number frequency info is free, it still will not give you a 96% win rate, try at best about 2% or maybe as high as 3% win rate, but that it! Lottery software systems such as Lottery Circle are really not lottery systems, they are just information to be used with real lottery systems, so do not be fooled!

Let’s take a look back at the 2013 best winning lottery system poll results, to see where the Lottery Circle System placed in the poll vote. As you can see below the winning system users voted as the best winning system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. The Lottery Circle Software Prediction system placed second and the Lottery Audit System placed third. The winner Lotto Guy System received 83% of the winning votes, the Lottery Circle System received 7% of the winning votes, so if Ace Lee’s claims of a win rate of 96% were actually the truth, I think the Lottery Circle System would have placed much higher, but it did NOT! This is solid Proof! The Lottery Circle System is very misleading and that is called false advertising. Update: A short time later Ace Lee removed his bogus win rate of 96% and now states no win rate, says system is for entertainment purposes…..well now that just verifies all this review has stated about this shady marketer.

The Lottery Circle System was developed by Ace Lee, who says he came up with the system idea as he worked as a Store Clerk selling lottery tickets and talked to a few winners. So if all the other lottery software systems are basically the same, they all must have also worked as Store Clerks and came up with the exact same type system, what are the odds on that! All just pure nonsense! Also you must be aware that these systems such as Lottery Circle System state a guaranteed refunds, do not fall for this, as it is rarely honored as reported by many who have purchased the system. We find almost all lottery systems that are sold through market places such as Click Bank etc are just false systems, just money making gimmicks hyped-up and sold by misleading Marketers looking to get rich off of you!

Here are some other articles and lottery system review sites you should read:

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Formula 1 Lotto System Truth or Hype?

Here is are review on the Formula 1 Lotto System which makes some bold lottery winning claims, but are they true? No the claims all seem to be fake or false. The Formula 1 Lotto System sales page says the system created by a 67 year old MIT Professor that took 27 years to perfect YA RIGHT! If this were actually true, It would be all over the lottery review sites etc. This is just a fake silly scenario used to sell what we find as a very useless system. We cannot find anything true about this lottery software system, no winners at all! All reviews are very bad.

System Created By Fake Professor

We did some very in-depth investigation to see who really owns this Formula 1 Lotto System. The sales page says it was developed by Professor Glen Hooke. But the system when checked out, has been found to be owned by a common marketer. Who is selling other useless products through click-bank. Caught red handed in yet another lie! There is NO Professor Glen Hooke!

The system already has a very bad reputation. As people, or users of the system report that it is basically a copycat lotto software system. A system which has been proven a very poor winning lottery system. All general material which is useless and all free online. Not only that but the many testimonials on the sales page are Totally Fake! All lottery system review sites report the Formula 1 Lotto System as a scam! You will not win any lottery game with this system. You will not get a guaranteed full refund. As was reported by the many people who were sucked in by this shady system.

Marketers are getting very sneaky, trying to sell more and more of these kinds of phony lottery systems to make some fast cash. These types of lottery system do NOT win lotteries!

Looking for a reputable winning lottery system? You should be using either the Lotto Guy Lottery System or Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both of these real winning lottery systems are reported as best winning lotto systems in the world. Glen Hooke better take his Formula 1 Lotto System off the market before the FTC shuts him down like a few other well known shady systems.

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Lotto 649 Winning Strategy – Lotto 649 Results

How to win the Lotto 649 jackpot is not impossible if you play the way real lottery winners recommend. Most Canadians usually play Lotto 649 by simply getting a few quick pick lotto tickets, which seriously is a very hard way to win. Also playing just random lottery numbers will not improve your odds to win the lotto 649. We know Many people like to pick their lottery numbers using common arithmetical sequences, or sometimes arranging numbers in vertical lines, or diagonal lines, or even clusters. Again, these types of tried and tested strategies will not work very well to win 649 lottery. The truth is professional lottery winners use lottery systems to dramatically increase their odds to win. Will they hit the big 649 jackpot? Many have, most will come close many times over, but no jackpot win.
A good rule to follow, is never just focus on winning the 649 jackpot, as there is lots of money to be made by just hitting the smaller to medium cash prizes more consistently. This is the smart way to play and top lottery experts have been revealing this information for the first time. How do you explain lottery winners hitting a lotto 649 jackpot or any lottery game jackpot more than once, by just pure luck? No, they use strategy, just like professional gamblers do at the casinos. There is of course no magic system, just good systems and bad systems. You of course want to use a good proven winning lottery system. This is where we can show you which systems are actually winning the Lotto 649, even systems that do very good at winning Lotto Max.
There are only two lottery systems that are very highly recommended for Lotto 649. The first system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System which also works great for Western Lotto 649, Lotto Max, BC Lotto 649, Loto Quebec 49, Lotto 649 Ontario, Atlantic Lotto 649 and is gaining more and more respect for winning these lottery games. We have seen many winning lottery tickets won by using this excellent lottery system and we do recommend it. The next highly reported winning system for Lotto 649 is Smart Play Lotto Wheels, a top lottery wheeling system that boosts your odds to win very well. Hitting 3 and 4 lottery winning numbers is not hard to do with this system. They even give you categories of wheels to use for your lottery playing budget. If you are a beginner to playing the Lotto 649, this system winning very easy to use wheeling system is especially recommended for you.
 You MUST use a real Tested and Proven effective lottery system if you are wanting to save yourself Years of Frustration and Failure playing Lotto 649, it is the smart way to play! I could give you a crap load of lottery tips that would help increase your chances to win a little more, but these lotto tips added up together, will still not give you better winning lotto 649 results than a proven effective lottery system and that’s a solid fact!
Bottom line is, do not waste your money and time playing with senseless strategies or silly systems, that sound to good to be true, but never win you a dime. To kick up your winning lotto odds to hit more winning lottery numbers playing Lotto 649, upgrade to a good strategy and stick with it, you will be amazed at the success you will receive, but of course this is up to you to decide, my job is only to inform you, class dismissed!
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Win The Lottery Play Smart To Win!

 If you want to really win the lottery, you must be willing invest your time playing the lotto game and you must invest in a serious winning system. Instant lotto winnings may be possible for some as a fluke or a bit of lottery luck, but it is not something you can count on and has a very small chance of actually happening to you!

If you want a consistent lotto winning results playing your lottery games, you have to invest the time to learn and analyze the game you are playing, meaning do you have a choice of lottery games to play and if so, choose the one with the best odds to win. This is your starting point to obtain a big lottery jackpot win or at least very good winnings.

For a beginner generally a good system to use is an easy, but highly effective lottery wheeling system, which are very hard to find as most are generally useless. Luckily you have found our article and we can advise you on which lottery wheeling systems actually work. The absolute best lotto wheeling system for all Pick 5 and Pick 6 lottery games is Smart Play Lotto wheels. These are real Verified Tested & Proven winning lotto wheels. If you are a little more advanced lotto player who has a little more time to play, you may want to use a top winning system as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, classified as the best winning system in the world and can even be used along with a good wheeling system as Smart Play to really explode your lottery winning success.

Make use of the time you have to get to know your lotto systems and do not expect to win right off the bat. Systems as the Lotto Guy Lottery System are designed to consistently increase your win rates as you play consistently every lotto draw. Many big lottery winners have won using this very unique, very powerful lottery system and if they can do it so can you!  There simply is no reason why you would not be able to.

Always remember this, if it takes you 9 hours a day working in an office for a average pay cheque of $2500.00 per month vs the potential of rewarding you with hundreds or thousands, even possible millions of dollars at one single time playing the lottery, is a worth-while venture for most people. Always make sure to set up a lottery playing budget, so you know your limits on spending your cash on lottery tickets. If you try to win to fast, you will stress yourself out and just give up, so pace yourself. If you have very low funds to play with, you might only play once a week or save up a bank roll before you start your lottery playing strategy.

Always stay optimistic, execute the smart playing strategies instead of just relying on lottery luck and soon your lottery winning success will become a reality!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Effective System

Lottery Systems Reviews

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

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Win The Lottery Frequently Using Proven Tactics

To win the lottery is no easy thing to do believe me I know, you need to use a truly powerful tested and proven system, proven lotto tactics to win big. Seriously, to hit winning lottery numbers routinely is not easy. To do your own lottery analysis is extremely hard, as you need the data and a way to organize it, to try and predict the next winning lottery numbers. I tried many ways to improve the chances to really hit winning number combinations, but simply could not catch a break. Bottom line is, there are no lottery secrets to help you win, just good or bad lottery systems. I will give you the absolute best plan or system to follow to help you be a real lottery winner.

Serious lottery players  have tried just about every system, strategy and lotto tactic to try and win the lottery. Some people call me a lottery expert as I have done tons of research and testing of various strategies to try to win lotto games more frequently. I tried the quick pick route as most people do at first and that did not produce any good winning results at all, so I moved on to the next intelligent plan, a real proven system or lottery method that will increase the odds to win lotto more frequently.

I read many articles published by a so-called lottery system expert and lottery system seller Ace Lee, who states the best way to win the lottery is by using his lottery systems as Lottery Circle prediction software system. This lottery software prediction system works with a push of a button and gives you your hot lotto numbers, your cold lotto numbers and over due lotto numbers for your particular lottery game. Ace Lee’s lottery circle software system makes big claims and huge guarantee’s of a 96% win rate for his software system.  I tested this Lottery Circle software system out and got a 1% win rate (5 weeks of playing) 96% not even close!. I found out the hard way silly lottery software systems like Ace Lee’s and other silly systems such as The Lotto Black Book, Lottery Method, Silver Lotto system by Ken Silver, Beat The Lotto, Formula 1 Lotto system, Lotto Cash Machine, Lotto Masta, Win Lotto Systems etc are really just for suckers! These are all junk systems full of total nonsense! They do not win the lotteries, they are only marketing gimmicks to make only the seller money not you.

After searching the Internet for a few weeks, I was finally able to find a lotto system that gave me superior results by allowing me to win frequently fairly easy. I used and still use the Lotto Guy Lottery System. I was recommended to use this system by advice from others and it is the real deal! The system seems to work very well for about 75% of all lottery players who use it and works for all pick 5, pick 6, and pick 7 lotto games. It is the number one recommended lottery system by serious lottery players playing all lottery games as New York Lotto,  Mega Millions, Powerball Lottery,  Canadian Lotteries as Lotto 6/49, Lotto max, Florida Powerball, Ohio Lottery, Texas Lotto, Colorado Lottery, California Lottery, Oklahoma Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Maryland Lottery, Washington Lottery, North Carolina Lottery and so on.

Yes, you could go and try every lottery system out there to find the ones or one system that may or may not work well for you, but this would take a lot of time and cost a small fortune to do. Take my advice, use a Tested and Proven system the first time around and do not be sucked in by silly hyped-up nonsense systems promising big lottery wins, as these types of systems are just gimmicks to make sellers or affiliates selling them fast cash, they simply do not win lotteries.

There are no secret lottery systems, there are only systems that work such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, or Smart Play Lotto Wheels . These are the real highly recommended systems to use and have many real verified lottery winners who won using them. Both systems were developed by qualified lottery experts and definitely give you the power to win.

Warning: Any lottery system that states a money back guarantee, usually 60 days, is a totally false system, this is a now well-known ploy or marketing trick to ensure sales, there will be No Refund! Some 30-40 lottery systems are using this misleading dirty tricks to steal your money, stick ONLY to the recommended systems as they are legit!

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Easy Winning System

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Win Colorado Lotto 6/42 Strategy

Win Colorado Lotto easier using real strategy. The Colorado Lotto 6/42 had it’s first lotto drawing back in January 1989 and now has over 2,000 lotto drawings to analyze lotto numbers drawn and find number patterns. How to play the Colorado Lotto 6/42 is very simple.  The player simply chooses six numbers out of 42. The lotto Drawings are held twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday. The Lotto jackpot usually starts at $1.0 million and will increase after each lotto draw until a winner hits the big jackpot prize. The odds of winning the first prize lottery jackpot are 1 in 5,245,786 which is actually fairly good lotto odds to win. Colorado Cash 5 lotto game has a little better odds to win as it is a pick 5/32 lotto game.

There are many strategies out there to help you win the Colorado Lotto 6/42, but one superior very outstanding strategy seems to get the best winning results for this pick 6 lotto game. The strategy you will want to use is a top world-wide lottery system called the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which also won best winning lottery system by poll votes over 15 other top rated systems, how’s that for a great system. Many real Colorado lottery winners have and are using this very unique 3 step system, it simply is the best system or strategy for winning the Colorado 6/42 game and the Colorado cash 5 lotto game as well.

It is a true fact that far to many Colorado lotto players just stay with the same old strategies that never seem to win anything, you really need to play much smarter if you are really wanting real lottery winning success and that my good friends is a true solid fact!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

Lottery Systems Reviews

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Best Winning Systems

Best Winning Lottery System Lotto Guy System!

Colorado Lottery Winner

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Winning Lotto Systems By Terry Fisher Review

So-called lottery expert  Terry Fisher claims his Winning Lotto system books will give you the cutting edge in real lottery secrets. These so called secrets that helped him be a lottery winner and win $1,008,742, $1,374,196, $76,500, and his numerous 5-figure wins are very ridiculous. He says he will give you these stunning lotto strategies for success that will explode your lotto results, sorry not likely.

As you can see these are very big claims to make so we looked further at Terry Fishers lotto systems. Now if you look very closely at the lotto checks on the systems sales page that Terry Fisher says are his proof he wins with his Winning Lotto system, you can see when zoomed in they are totally fake. I found some of the original checks and the names are completely different! Did Terry Fisher really think that no one would notice this shady deception? There are no real winners we can find who used these systems. Is he a two-time winner or really a two-time loser con artist who is two timing his customers? I think you now know the the answer.

We also found other articles stating that he is a con artist and is on a scam list, which we checked and verified to be true. He also sells his lottery system through ClickBank for $50 where all the shady marketers sell their fake lottery systems, so he fits in perfectly. If a lottery system is sold through ClickBank please avoid it, you will most likely be taken for your money. There are a few very good reputable lottery systems not sold by shady marketers that many have reported giving excellent win rates. Here are the two best rated systems that have real verified winning proof they work as advertised:

Smart Play Lotto Wheels and Lotto Guy Lottery System. These two lotto systems are verified as legit tested and proven systems. They are not sold through ClickBank, they are both highly recommended for all pick 5 or pick 6 lottery games worldwide. There are a few other systems that may work OK, but these two are the very BEST! All the real reputable lottery system review sites also state these are the best systems.

Just so you know, Terry Fisher also sells two other lottery systems called 1000 weeks of lotto and lottoMasta.  Avoid these systems they all contain free lottery information off of the Internet, nothing special that wins the lottery, all hype, fake cheques etc. To win the lotto you really need a good proven verified winning system, or you will not get successful lottery winning results.

If the FTC could step in and ban these fake or phony systems, there would be many less people losing their money and time. Report systems that are phony and that offer guaranteed refunds but never honor them, as is the case with 90% of all lottery systems selling through ClickBank and other market places.

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